Saying “yes” to a nursing home is a troublesome matter for many. Of course, you don’t want to be a burden to anyone. Deciding on a nursing home instead of staying put could be a solution; but, is it worth it? Is it something worth considering from a financial perspective? On the other hand, home is home, it’s not something to be easily replaced. Having your own house and managing every day things around it does help with feeling competent and not that senior-ish. Remodeling your home can and will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, but it pays off in the long run, as just a basic unit in an assisted living facility goes around $43.000 per year. That home-improvement for seniors plan sounds a bit more appealing and plausible, doesn’t it?

Home improvement starts from the outside

Choosing the right neighborhood for your new home could be a decent start for being safe. Think about introducing a wheelchair ramp to your new home. Even if you’re still perfectly functional without having wheelchair assistance to get about, it does alleviate the whole climbing the stairs conundrum. There’s simply no need to get that sweat and arthritis going in order to enter your new home. Place a ramp, be a smooth operator. You will not regret it. The cost for a standard disability ramp ranges from $1500-2000, roughly.
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Not all ramps are for sports, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and useful!


There are many things to put on your moving checklist. Elevators sound heavenly, no matter your age. Nobody likes climbing the stairs. There’s always a downside though. And it’s almost always financial. Strictly financial. We can’t help but love them, but in order to possess one of these beauties and make your life sugary sweet, you will need to set aside at least $20,000. And that’s really the bare minimum. It could easily be $30.000, even more, depending on your needs.

Stairlifts as an alternative for home-improvement for seniors

Well, a girl can dream of elevators. It’s not a  crime! Is there an affordable alternative? Well, surely. Chair lifts are somewhat cheaper, but they are no bargain. The price range can vary; going from $3.000 to $10.000 and more, especially if you have funky corners and angles on your staircase. The more custom your stair lift gets, the more expensive it will be! Also, bear in mind, they do charge the installation separately (around $500 extra for labor)
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It might not be a ski lift, but it gets you where you need to go. You can leave the ride to your imagination!

Open Sesame

Getting your local movers NJ to help you will get you through your front door, but they can only do so much. Knowing magical phrases would be beneficial if they could save us some money. Unfortunately, they can’t. Widening your door frame does not come cheap. Anything narrower than 32 inches needs widening for wheelchair and alike. Replacing door frames, potentially re-positioning light switches, adding insulation to the mix – don’t be surprised if you pay more than $500 per doorway!

Slip-resistant everything

There’s really no need to elaborate on this. If there is a must when it comes to home-improvement for seniors, this one is IT. As we get older, our bodies become fragile, not at all agile. The last thing you would want is to get hip replacement surgery just for trying to get to your kettle in time. Tea should not be the death of any of us. That’s why we need linoleum and vinyl, our good friends. They provide good traction, but they are also more absorbent when you fall. They go for around $3-4 per square foot. If you feel like really going at it, try cork or bamboo floors, they’re a bit more expensive, but also kind of prettier to look at. If replacing your floors is out of the question for now, at least try to get any damaged areas done before moving in.

Grab bars will keep things safe

Installing grab bars in your bathroom, next to the toilet, in your bathtub and stalls is the way to go about your hygiene without potentially hurting yourself. And, the good news is – it’s actually really cheap! They can be purchased for around $20 each. So, you can actually go really wild with these neat accessories throughout your home. Just make it look classy and you’re good.

In-home monitoring

Is this really a home-improvement for seniors tip? Well, depends. It will surely bruise your pride a bit and make you feel like a baby. But, does it make you safe? Supposedly. Smart homes are offering “senior monitoring”, so your children/partner/friend can actually monitor your movement 24/7, as the sensors will be placed throughout the house. Is it a smart investment? It’s really a matter of preference. Some enjoy their privacy, even if means falling down the flight of stairs and waiting for the morning with a broken leg. It doesn’t actually keep you safe, but the 911 will get there sooner.
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Being tech savvy is always a plus, but do think it through before saying yes to in-home monitoring.

What else?

De-clutter before your moving date. You don’t need to take everything with you. Try visiting storage facilities NJ and consider renting a unit for things you hold dear, but don’t really have the room for at your new home. Things to consider implementing:
  • lever-style doorknobs – forget the round traditional ones, as it’s much harder to make the required hand motion due to arthritis and other diseases. lever-style knobs are easier to handle and the cost is $10-20
  • consider remote controlled blinds – they aren’t cheap ($300-600 per blind), but it alleviates getting around your house and by not risking any injuries
  • walk-in bathtub – worth considering if you’re having trouble getting in and out of a bathtub. average cost $2.500-10.000
  • think kitchen countertops – just by adjusting the height by a few inches, you get a wheelchair accessible kitchen and more delicious food on your table
There are many ways to make home-improvement for seniors more efficient and affordable. Be sure to check whether you’re eligible for government-based programs. After checking it, you can continue with your initial plan of adjusting your home to fit your needs and desires.