Pets are beings of routine. A happy pet has a regular eating schedule and naps whenever they want it. Moving house, however, disrupts their routine and can make them nervous and even aggressive. That’s why you need to do your best to prepare them for the moving process. Furthermore, you need to think about their documents, vet, etc. Don’t you worry – there are lots of details but we are here to help you. We prepared a simple guide on how to prepare your pet for moving, so it can be easy both for you and your pet.

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Deal with the paperwork

Yes, you need to think about your pet’s documents. Nothing really changes if you are moving just down the street, however, if you are preparing for a long-distance move, there are some things you need to think about. The longer you travel, the more difficult it will be for your pet to endure the trip. So, if you are crossing the border with your pet, you need to get all the necessary documents ready. However, be sure to check the destination state/ country’s rules before leaving.

Dog Playing

Make sure to prepare your pet for moving, to avoid stress and problems

Your pet is microchipped?

Well, it makes it a lot easier. You can easily get all the necessary information and also update the new address.

Prepare a ‘first-day kit’

You need to have all the things you will need on the first day and during the first night in your new home. This way you don’t need to open the moving boxes and search for something like food, toys, a sleeping pillow, etc. Have all those items on hand in case you need them. Also, don’t forget any medicines or vitamins your pet is taking. Make sure to have everything you need on your first and second day, to avoid searching through boxes and having a nervous pet.

Have a meeting with your ‘old’ vet

Before moving, make sure to make an appointment with your current vet.  They can give you medical records or prescriptions so you can take them to your new home. Maybe they can recommend a vet in your new city, or give you some general advice regarding the move.

long-distance move

To prepare your pet for moving, ask your vet for advice

Let your pet adjust to the crate

If you haven’t used a crate before, make sure to bring it to the house days before the move. This way your pet will adjust to it, and will not be shocked when the moving day comes. Furthermore, maybe it is better to use a soft crate, which is very simple and easy to use, and it will be easier to prepare your pet for moving. Try ‘practicing’ staying at the crate for a couple of days, so the travel is not that dramatic and stressful.

Keep them away when the action begins

Pets, especially dogs, can become very nervous when something is going on around the house. Our professional residential movers NJ do their best to be fast and quite, however, sometimes it’s not enough. When the movers come, be sure to keep your pet away from the house. Ask your friends or family to keep them until all the moving boxes are out and all the work is done. If that’s not possible, try finding a quiet place in your home, like an empty bedroom or garage, for your pets to stay until everything is finished.

Prepare your pet for moving – set up the new home

If possible, prepare the new home for arrival. Since you need to mentally prepare for moving, your home and your pet need to be ready, too. This means to make it as similar to the old house as possible, so your pet can adjust more easily. Bring their sleeping pillow and toys, so your pet can feel like home from the first moment. However, if that doesn’t happen right away, don’t worry. Let your pet sniff around the house and meet the new place.

prepare your pet for moving

Make sure your new home is ready for you and your pet

Traveling with your pet

It is best to travel together with your pet. For your road trip, be sure to prepare everything you might need. Some basic necessities for your road trip with a pet include:

  • water
  • favorite pet food (if your pet likes some ‘snacks’ make sure to bring them, too)
  • first aid kit
  • litter box/bag
  • toys
  • a piece of your old clothing – keep that one with your dog in the carrier, so the smell can remind them of your old home.

Don’t let your pet away from the carrier too soon

If you open your car door and let your pet out in front of your new house, you may get into trouble. Some pets are very nervous when changing places, so they may run away. It is also very hard for them to find their way back since they don’t know the neighborhood. That’s why the best advice is not to let them away from the carrier until you are inside your new home. Let them meet the house first, and then take them out on a walk (if you have a dog) to meet the environment.

Extra tip: To prepare your pet for moving, be sure to explore the neighborhood and check its safety. Also, check if your house has any open holes or windows, so your pet doesn’t run away.

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