A local move might fool you into thinking that this is no big deal you are about to embark on. After all, you could be moving just down the block, so why stress about it? While it is true that you should keep a level head and not stress about your relocation too much, you also need a few local moving tips if you are to come out of this endeavor as a winner. Luckily for you, our very own local NJ movers will give you an insight into in-state moves, and share with you a few tips and tricks that will ensure your triumph.

Do not underestimate local moving

Arguably, the number one reason why local moves often turn disastrous is the attitude of people and their misconceptions about this type of relocation. More often than not, people think that local moving will be a piece of cake. After all, their current house is most likely close to their new residence, so they can make a few trips and transport all of their belongings by using a car. All of this sounds good in theory. However, exactly where do you plan to put your piano, or that enormous sofa while transporting it?
A black car.

Using only your car for moving is not a good idea.

Hiring a moving company is one of the best local moving tips we can give you

We assume that when you need your hair cut, you visit your hairstylist, right? Similarly, when your car needs a fresh coat of paint, you go to your mechanic for help. It should be no different when moving. While going through this difficult, and very stressful period of your life, you need all the help you can get. Why worry about the transportation of your items when there are movers who can take care of that? Moreover, why spend days packing your belongings when you can get packing services and be done with it? Moreover, it is worth mentioning that by hiring relocation professionals, you get to avoid all of the moving related injuries. Wouldn`t it be nice to stay safe during your relocation? If your answer is yes, you know what to do. Whether you need Bergen County movers, Union City movers, or any other type of local movers, you should always inquire about them in due time.

Start planning your relocation on time

We are not sure you realize how much work and effort goes into planning a relocation. However, we know that both local and long-distance moves are demanding, and they should be dealt with in due time. As an unwritten rule, it is advisable to start planning your relocation two months prior to the moving date. This amount of time will be enough to deal with all the moving-related tasks. Speaking of which, in order to always keep track of your duties for a certain period of time, you should make a comprehensive moving checklist. A checklist will not allow you to forget about any of the small tasks, such as visiting your child`s school to transfer their record.
A checklist, and using one is one of the best local moving tips.

Local moving tips 101 – Making a moving checklist!

What to do if you plan to pack on your own?

Packing all of your items will not be an easy task, that we all know. If you decide to save some pennies and pack your house by yourself, Moving of America is here to help you. Follow our steps, and you will be putting that last item into a box in no time!
  • Do not save on packing supplies. Whether you decide to buy them or find them for free, getting plenty of packing supplies is one of the best local moving tips we can distribute.
  • De-clutter your house before you start packing. Moving is the perfect time for you to get rid of unnecessary items, which you can do by organizing a yard sale, or by donating to charity.
  • Start packing one room and work your way up to the other rooms in your home. It is always a good idea to start packing your kitchen first, as this is the most difficult room to pack.
  • Never forget to label all of your boxes. This way, you can know where that specific box goes even before you spend minutes rummaging through it.
A good organization can go a long way. If you cannot deal with packing all by yourself, you can always enlist your family and friends for help. Even your kids can be helpful with little tasks, such as packing their toys and school supplies. All of you make a perfectly coordinated team together.
Three boys playing in the field.

Let your kids help you move by entrusting them with small tasks.

Do not forget to transfer your utilities

Another important step in your relocation is transferring your utility bills. At least a month before your move, you will have to pick up the phone and call all of your service providers. Bear in mind that the list of your providers could be extensive; it includes gas, internet, cable, water, and many other companies. Clearly, calling all of them could be a time-consuming task, which is why you should do it in time. Imagine having to pay the bills at both your old residence and the new one. What a horror story, indeed.

And now what?

You have followed all of the local moving tips on our list and did all of your chores. What should you do now? If you still have some spare time, congratulations! Not many people can say they were as organized as you. If you do not know how to use this time you have left, you can always double check whether you have missed anything. Moreover, you can use this time to enjoy the final moments in your soon-to-be ex-home. And, of course, you can look forward to all of the moments that are yet to come in your new home. Relocations to not come around so often, so make the most out of yours whenever you have a chance.