Every person handles things differently. When we talk about moving, one of the biggest issues is how to manage all the tasks and get done with everything in time. It doesn’t matter if you are just moving down the street, or somewhere further, it is still stressful. When you look at it, it quite understandable why it is so easy to go the wrong way and lose the focus. And that is precisely what you can’t do. It has to be done systematically. That will give you a good chance to finish all of your tasks successfully. One of the most difficult tasks is definitely packing everything that is important and necessary. And moving medical records is certainly one of those things you should not leave the house without. The reasons for moving your medical records can be many. Perhaps your doctor has retired, or you simply want to change a medical facility. Or you are completely moving away to another city. Whatever reason you have, it is important to know that you perfectly have the right to demand your medical record. Having these documents is more than important, as well as choosing a new healthcare facility. Luckily, in the NJ area, there are many excellent health facilities, such as in Closter, so you can be at ease. And all you need to do in this case is contact movers Closter NJ to arrange the details of your move.
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Get ready for moving medical records

Know what you want to transfer

Not just medical records are documents of great importance to your life but are also comprehensive documents. This means that there are many different parts of it. Each part indicates a different aspect of your health. For instance, these documents show:
  • Information regarding your therapies and drugs you used
  • Test results
  • Information about vaccines you were given throughout your life
  • Dental record
  • More complex health records which include information about any surgeries you’ve had
So, as you can see, the file can be quite large and it might take you a little bit more time to collect them all. That is why you will simply need to make a good plan on when will you do certain tasks regarding your relocation. Try to anticipate roughly how much time will you need to get done with all the tasks. Moreover, see if you can get any useful information in health facilities so that you could know how to prepare yourself. That way you will know when exactly will be the best time for you to pay a visit to your doctor in order to obtain the necessary health records.

Know your rights when moving medical records

Earlier in the article, we stated that it is your absolute right to ask for moving your medical records. The procedure usually begins with you submitting a Patient Access Request to the doctor you want your medical records from. For that to happen, you will also need to provide the proof of your identity. This is necessary so as to prevent the theft of valuable information of this sort. For more information about your rights, you can refer to HIPPA, one of the federal laws which clearly states your rights and obligations regarding this matter.
Patient Access Request

Do you know your rights?

On the other hand, some state laws can be different and can add more rules. The method for issuing these documents can be slightly different. What also can be different is the price a medical facility will request for issuing you these documents. Moreover, if you had some of your medical records in some of the private clinics, those facilities can have their own regulations. This is why we advise you to inquire about this very carefully. Another important thing, if you are moving to the New Jersey area, is to learn more about healthcare options.
healthcare options

Use USB when moving medical records

Is Blue Button available

For you who are not familiar with the term, Blue Button is a system which enables patients to see their medical records online. Also, the system is very convenient because it also allows you to download them. Doctors’ offices, drug stores, laboratories, and health insurance companies can be part of the system. Just check if any of the mentioned you’ve worked before has this option. The best part is that is very simple to use.

Electronic copies are also an option

Another way is having your medical records in electronic form. But again, some fees may arise and providers can calculate the costs based on different methods. Therefore, to be absolutely certain about the exact costs, you will need to get this information before you go for any of the options. And just like in any other business when something is demanded urgently, it can affect the price. And with all the other costs regarding your relocation, it is important to know the limits of your moving budget. That will help you prepare more thoroughly.

Help from an experienced crew

If you are the one who owns a laboratory or medical office, but for some reason, you need or wish to relocate to another place, and you are working how to deal with moving medical records, and all the equipment inside the facility, an excellent option is actually hiring medical office movers. Since the medical equipment can be very delicate and requires careful handling, it would be a complete disaster damaging them. That could mean that you would be out of business for longer than you had planned, or that you wouldn’t be able to provide adequate healthcare service to your patients should their case require the use of that particular piece of medical equipment.