Moving on its own is a process with many layers. It requires lots of effort and close monitoring to figure out what to move, where to move, and how to move. On top of that, if you are moving a Garfield home, it becomes a different ballgame. Considering their distinct and intricate designs, packing and moving processes need to be tweaked a bit to navigate through such homes. Packing for such a move can be quite a tough process. It can be quite overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with the process. But no need to worry. As one of the most promising moving companies, we are here to relax you with a helping hand. If you keep our tips and tricks in mind while carrying out your Garfield move, things would go smoothly. 

Make Garfield Moving Easy-Peasy With These Tips & Tricks

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Write down the thing you will need to take care of before the move

Packing and moving a house is no cakewalk. You have to consider the smallest of tasks to the longest and most time-consuming ones. However, everything falls into place if you follow the right steps at the right time. Our expert tips and tricks are easy to follow. They will ensure that your Garfield household can become move-ready in a jiffy, or so it might seem once you start getting into it.  How To Begin The Process? Prior to starting the move, you have to come up with a moving plan. The most simple way to carry this out is to create a checklist of all the moving items in the form of an inventory. This way, nothing gets lost in the process and you are fully able to track each of your movables. Don’t skimp on this part, since it can be the make or break point of your move on the moving day. Here are some of the other things you should take care of before the moving day comes: – 
  • Chalk Out The Budget: Be fully in control of your finances by carefully laying out when and where to spend your hard-earned dollar. Estimate your expenses and make your choices for everything else that follows, accordingly. 
  • Hire the best of the moving companies: Once your budget is down and your inventory is made, go on and ring up (or mail) a good moving company to help out with your Garfield relocation. Try to figure this part out at least two weeks in advance.
  • Get packing: Packing doesn’t just include boxing the items. You first need packing supplies. You can take advantage of efficient packers from one of the best moving companies around you, or look for packing supplies yourself. Just start well in advance of the moving day. 
  • Cancel your services in the existing home: Since you are moving, services like mail, parcel delivery, and bills, among other things would require to be shifted to your new home, so it’s best to timely cancel them from the current one. 

Time To Start The Hands-On Work

To finish this tedious-seeming job as quickly as possible, a few helping hands won’t mind. Before going on to the next stage of the process, it’s wise to ask your friends and family to help out with other prepping tasks for your Garfield home. Divide the work such that everything happens timely and smoothly. Once everything is done, you all can collectively heave a sigh of relief and cherish the moving moment!

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Don’t bring the chaos to your new home, declutter before you move!

Start with the basics – Decluttering your home

Our homes are often drowning in items that we don’t really require anymore. Over time, many items that we don’t use much keep mounting like a pile. Now, we are often so busy that it isn’t possible to ever get down and sift through this clutter to clear up some space. But now as you are moving, it’s a golden opportunity to finally make up some space for yourself.  As you begin the packing process for the items in your Garfield home, start to separate out the items you think are usable and the ones you think aren’t. At first, it could feel like too big a task, but remember, you will be thankful for it at the end. And of course, you wouldn’t need to throw away anything. 

Get The Best Of Packing Materials!

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Learn the rules before you start to pack

Packing in itself is not that complicated. But when you have items of various sizes, shapes, and fragility, you need to ensure that you get packing materials accordingly. They need to be of good quality as well. If they are themselves damaged, how would they protect your items from damage? From boxes to bubble wraps and so on, check each of the packing items for holes or other visible damage signs before purchasing. In case you do get one or two damaged pieces, use them for floor and wall protection rather than for your movables.  While traditional packing methods provided by moving companies are just fine, sometimes you can switch things up by using alternative packing materials like towels or laundry baskets that you already possess at home. This makes the process faster and cheaper as well.

Keep These Golden Six Packing Rules In Mind

Nobody wants a packaging accident in a moving process. If your favorite vase doesn’t survive the move, it can be quite a bummer! Fret not, though. Here are the golden six rules of packing which will ensure that your moving process goes smooth as butter with no mishap in sight.
  • Don’t overload moving boxes, especially ones made of cardboard.
  • Use plastic containers for packing delicate and fragile items.
  • Label all of your boxes on at least two sides.
  • Disassemble big and bulky furniture before moving it.
  • Keep all screws and bolts in zip-lock bags to avoid losing them.
  • Leave the lifting to the experts of moving companies – they know how to lift heavy items without putting your back and your belongings at risk.

Ensure A Successful Garfield Move with Moving of America!

Lo and behold! Your Garfield Home is successfully packed! Or it will be if you follow the expert advice provided by one of the most promising moving companies in New Jersey. Moving of America is always just a call away if you wish to get consultation, advice, or a few helping hands to lift your move to the next level. So don’t waste hours trying to hastily pack your movables. When the pros are here, there is no need to fear.