Have you decided that it’s high time you started life anew? Whether you are moving to a distant location or within the same city, every relocation is a good chance to purge your household of unnecessary items and enjoy having a clutter-free house. But before you can be ‘out with the old, in with the new’ you first need to know how to handle old furniture when moving, especially those pieces that are massive in size and weight. Handling robust furniture is hard enough when you are moving it. But it becomes twice as difficult when getting rid of it since you can’t just throw the items in question in the trash and be done with it. What are we here for if not to help you out in your time of need?
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Wouldn’t it be better to move into an organized home after moving?

First things first – why getting rid of old furniture when moving is a good thing?

Besides the whole turning over a new life, there are other reasons why it is preferable to leave behind your old furniture. After all, how much can you really need that old couch that has been bought over two decades ago? The most important reason for parting ways with some of your pieces is the financial one! Plenty of movers charge based on the weight of the cargo. Sometimes, the cost of transporting a heavy piece will actually be bigger than simply buying a new one once you arrive at your new destination. So, if you want to make a sound and reasonable decision, plus renovate a bit, you should get rid of your old furniture. Ways to do that are plenty!

Different ways to handle old furniture when moving

Brace yourself – you are about to be presented with an abundance of different options. We here at Moving of America – NJ Movers don’t have a favorite one. They were listed in our article with no specific order!

Putting it on the curb

If you want the easy way out, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. You can just find a few friends to help you carry the burden, and put your large items on the curb. Should you put a ‘free’ sign right next to it, other people will make sure to take the problem off of your hands. In record time! You know what they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
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The best way to handle old furniture is by putting it in the hands of those that need it!

Of course, this is a good option if you are situated in a house and have a yard. Those of you that live in an apartment building will find it difficult to use the benefits that would come with this option. Alas, all you can do is find apartment movers NJ and hope they can help out with your problem. Even if they can’t, don’t worry – here are some of your other options!

Be charitable and donate your furniture

We should always help those that were less fortunate than us. That Moving of America – NJ Movers believes in that statement can be best seen through our Move for Hunger program. When it comes to handling old furniture when moving, this is your chance to do something good for the community. Donate your items and call the charity organization so that they can organize the transport. You will especially have plenty of luck with easy donating if you live in a big city.

Handle old furniture when moving by selling it online

Today, an average person doesn’t have to work too hard in finding information. Everything is only a click away. Do you want to find out who invented the toaster? Google it! Do you need to find military moving companies in your area? Surf the web! Do you need to sell some items? Once again, the Internet is coming to your rescue! Just like you are looking for buyers, other people are looking for sellers. No matter how old you think your furniture looks, you should still list it. There are other people who will love renovating what you don’t need anymore.

Find junk removal companies

Is there a better way to handle old furniture when moving than by having someone else tow it away? Well, if you spend a bit of your time on research, you will be able to find private junk removal companies. That nothing is ever perfect testifies the fact that this service is costly. You will have to pay a hefty sum for their services. Although that will still probably be a more affordable option than relocating your items.

Are you buying new items at the same time as getting rid of the old ones?

Then count your blessings! Usually, those guys that deliver your items will have no problems hauling away the old stuff. Especially when dealing with items such as refrigerators, laundry machines, etc. This way, you will get the best of both worlds as you will finally renovate your home, as well as have someone haul away your old items. What could possibly be better? Well, as if it weren’t enough, they will do it for free!
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Use the guys that are delivering your new furniture, and ask them for a favor!

Are you still wondering how to handle old furniture when moving? You shouldn’t be! We gave you more than enough options and at least one of them should be the right one for you! Whether looking for a way to make a few bucks or donate your items to those less fortunate, our article will provide you with a solution! Of course, for any additional help, our team is always at your service!