Ways of cutting costs on storage

Moving and storing your belongings can get complicated. Not only will relocation take time but it will also take a lot of money. You should try to save as much money as possible when you move since you do not know if there will be any kind of emergencies. This can be done in anyways but one of the most crucial is cutting costs on storage. This will help you save a huge amount of money which can be very helpful. This will make your relocation much easier since you will have more money to plan your relocation. Continue reading “Ways of cutting costs on storage”

Should you call on friends to help you move

We are all familiar with the difficulties that come with the challenge of relocation. Whether it’s down the street or across the nation, the conclusion is the same. Moving is an endeavor that requires a lot of time and energy. That is unless you have the right team of movers to help you out. Depending on the extent of your move, you have two options here. First one is the common and logical one – hire one of the professional moving companies NJ to take care of everything for you. The other one is more practical for short-distance moves on a budget – call on friends to help you move. Today, we look a bit more into the pros and cons of the 2nd option.

What are the reasons for asking friends to support you when moving?

Don’t get us wrong here – we won’t be petty and say that there are no advantages from such a choice. The fact is that having friends help you with a relocation can prove beneficial under certain conditions. So, here is what usually leads people to the conclusion that they are better off with this type of help:

  1. You are forced to relocate on a limited budget.
  2. The moving distance is short, hence a call on friends to help you move appears logical.
  3. A partial moving endeavor, such as moving off to college or moving a home office etc.
  4. You have friends that have experience in moving homes and handling furniture etc.
  5. Sometimes, you might not have the time to secure the services of premium local movers NJ.

All these are valid reasons for which people tend to turn to friends for relocation assistance. However, is having a valid reason the same as making the right call?

Person deciding whether or not to call on friends to help him move.
The call might be easy enough to make, but is it the right one.

What are the potential downsides when you call on friends to help you move?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of risks and downsides to having friends help out with your relocation. Of course, it is up to each and every one of us to weigh the good and the bad before opting for any specific option. So, let’s take a closer look at the potential risks that come with help from friends.

#1: Forget about deadlines and time-management

When you call on friends to help you move, this means that you need to compromise with their schedule. Of course, they will adapt to your schedule more, but you still might be forced to make compromises. On the other hand, since you all are friends, they might not be as obliged to be on time. After all, they are doing this as a favor to you. So, as long as they do it on the day you set, that’s all that matters, right? Not always.

#2: Your property can suffer some easy damage during handling

Sure, your friends might be strong and capable, but that still doesn’t make them moving professionals, does it? In fact, personal strength might only boost their pride in thinking that they can handle certain items that are harder to move than expected. And so, you can easily end up with quite the strain when attempting to move that pool table or grand piano. On the other hand, hiring expert piano movers NJ could ensure that no harm comes to your prized instrument.

#3: You risk the well-being of both yourself and your friends

People often underestimate the labor of moving. “You just pack and load a bunch of boxes, no real effort to it” is what people usually think. However, it is so much more than that. There is a reason why people go through training before becoming certified moving professionals. After all, you have to make sure that everything is packed properly, that you lift heavier items the right way so as not to injure yourself etc. Without the proper knowledge, the decision to call on your friends to help you move can end in tragedy. And nobody wants that, especially not for people you care about.

Person about to step on a banana peel.
Accidents always happen, especially when there is a lack of experience.

#4: There is the matter of acquiring the tools and materials

To call on friends to help you move means that you are the one to supply them with the tools for it all. Sure, you might decide to pack everything by yourself, but you will still need the moving boxes and packing supplies for it all. And then there is the matter of transportation. Depending on the size of your move, you will need to rent a moving truck, which someone will have to drive. All this requires additional expenses that you might not be aware of in the planning stage.

Not everything is grim – there are also benefits when you call on friends to help you move

As we mentioned earlier – this is a ‘weigh and then decide’ type of call. Just as there are downsides to help from friends, there are also advantages to be had here. After all, if this were so bad, nobody would practice it as a solution, right? So, let’s take a closer look at some of the pros of calling up your friends on moving day:

  • For starters, you can save significant funds on a self-moving endeavor, provided that nothing goes wrong, of course.
  • Another useful gain when you call on friends to help you move is that you don’t have to fit into the schedule of professional movers.
  • Tipping movers for a job well done turns into rewarding friends for helping you out.
  • You can take the time to plan and organize everything the way you want to.
  • The move itself can take as long as you need it to – no need to rush it.

In conclusion – you have a decision to make

Scale with clock on one side and money on the other.
It’s just a matter of weighing all the factors and deciding whether to call on your friends to help you move.

Whether you decide to call on your friends to help you with your move or not is now up to you. You have the good and the bad associated with this decision. So, no matter which decision you make, know that our moving company will be here to support your call and provide you with a free estimate for your relocation. Best of luck!

How to avoid fraudulent storage facilities

Let`s start with an interesting fact, shall we? There are over 60,000 storage facilities in the United States, which accounts for more than two-thirds of storage units worldwide! The presence of so many facilities in the country leads us to the conclusion that an average American must have a lot of items collected over the years, and not needed anymore. Once those units start making daily life next to impossible, he/she will get in pursuit of a storage unit. And with over 60,000 facilities, the options are limitless. However, somewhere between those 60,000 units, fraud is lurking. In order to avoid fraudulent storage facilities, you have to be extra careful, and not let yourself get easily carried away!

Common storage scams

There are many ways the owners of fraudulent storage facilities can scam you. They have gotten pretty sneaky about their fraudulent ways so that you are not aware you are being scammed up until the moment you are left without some or all of your belongings/money. The only way to know how to protect yourself and avoid fraud is by learning how these facilities operate, and how they scam their clients. Following are five of the most common storage scams Moving of America – NJ Movers thinks you should know about!

A red button on a white keyboard.
Owners of fraudulent storage facilities are always coming up with new ways of scamming you out of money!
  1. Additional charges that appear after you rent a storage unit are the most common storage scam. You sign a contract for a low-ball price, only to discover additional fees for necessities such as utilities and insurance.
  2. Unclean storage units, which were presented and advertised as clean and secure. If you want to avoid pests settling into your furniture, you must learn how to avoid fraudulent storage facilities that are not sanitary.
  3. Not so rarely, it happens that the owners of storage facilities are actually accomplices to theft. Since you give them the right to enter your unit by signing a contract, taking any legal action against them is difficult.
  4. If you get behind with your payments, the owner of the facility is allowed to sell your items. Oftentimes, the owners will make themselves unavailable for payments on purpose and thus, get the right for an overdue rent.
  5.  Small details are often hiding in the fine print of the contract you are signing. If not careful, the owners can easily make you responsible for something you did not agree to, turning your life into a living nightmare.

Not all is lost!

After reading all the different ways you can lose your money, and patience, you might exasperate. But, there is no need to worry if you are looking for a storage unit in New Jersey. There are plenty of safe and certified storage units NJ based, and it is just a matter of finding them.

A security guard.
Not all storage facilities are fraudulent. Some even have on-sight security in a few different forms, protecting your items from theft.

The best way to avoid fraudulent storage facilities

If in-house storage solutions are not an option for you, what else is there to do but look for reliable storage facilities? Pay attention to these things, and you should not have any problems!

It`s all about research

These days, people don`t give leaving online comments a second thought. This works in your favor, as it will be easy to find out everything about the facility you are considering. Want to know whether they give importance to having a clean storage unit? Go online. Interested to find out whether they have ever scammed anyone? The Internet will be your ally.

Always inspect the property

The only thing you can trust is what you see with your eyes. Before saying yes to a storage unit, make it your duty to inspect the unit. Check the conditions inside, and whether the majority of the units are occupied. If they are not, it may be a cause for concern for obvious reasons. Moreover, if you will be storing items such as valuable artwork, it is a reason to be even more careful. You need to consult with fine art movers NJ to see when they can help you transport your valuables, and you need to find a climate-controlled unit. Only a climate-controlled storage unit can keep your collectibles, valuables and wood furniture safe from mold and pests.

A treasure chest.
If storing valuables, you need to be even more careful and avoid fraudulent storage facilities at all cost!

Look at the fine print

We have already mentioned how people can be easily scammed out of their money simply by not paying attention to the fine print. Owners of the fraudulent storage facilities know that you are busy, and probably don`t have too much time to waste on the careful reading of the contract. And, one of the main lessons they teach you in the corporate world is that you should always read the contract and pay attention to every word. It is the best way to avoid fraudulent storage facilities, and save yourself from a lot of trouble!

Check for membership

If a storage facility you are considering is a member of the Self Storage Association, the chances are that it is legitimate, and not fraudulent. Of course, there can never be any guarantees. However, you can relax a bit, as you have probably come across a secure and reliable facility.

Inspect your unit regularly

Once you take a leap of faith and rent a unit, your job is not over. You still need to make sure that things keep running smoothly. Therefore, you should make it a monthly occurrence to visit your storage unit. Take a look around it, and see whether there are any items missing. If you notice any irregularities, don`t hesitate to look for another facility.

Sometimes, prevention is not enough to avoid fraudulent storage facilities. In case you fall prey to scammers, make sure you get out in time. By keeping close tabs on your unit, you will be able to quickly assess the situation.

Important moving terms you need to learn

So you have already started with your moving preparation as the moving day approaches. First of all, congratulations on being responsible and starting on time. Since moving is a very serious project, there are still so many things to take care of and details to pay attention to. We are sure that you have come across some unusual moving terms in the process of preparing and that some might have confused you. We don’t blame you. There are so many important moving terms that you need to know in order to be fully able to understand the world of the moving industry. That is why we have prepared a short guide of some useful and common moving terms that will make your life while moving a lot easier. Continue reading “Important moving terms you need to learn”

Moving tips for military families

Nobody knows moving like military families. Yes, most of us have had the experience one way or the other, but military moving is something much more complex; it even has its own term – PCS  “permanent change of station”. Any living soul from a military family will tell you it’s no easy business. Why? Well, try moving every 2 and a half, 3 years. It surely gets the best of you after a couple of rounds. It takes stamina and nerves of steel to maneuver every moving process while remaining on top of things throughout. We’re here to give a helping hand by providing information and useful moving tips for military families. Continue reading “Moving tips for military families”

Home-improvement for seniors before moving in

Saying “yes” to a nursing home is a troublesome matter for many. Of course, you don’t want to be a burden to anyone. Deciding on a nursing home instead of staying put could be a solution; but, is it worth it? Is it something worth considering from a financial perspective? On the other hand, home is home, it’s not something to be easily replaced. Having your own house and managing every day things around it does help with feeling competent and not that senior-ish. Remodeling your home can and will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars, but it pays off in the long run, as just a basic unit in an assisted living facility goes around $43.000 per year. That home-improvement for seniors plan sounds a bit more appealing and plausible, doesn’t it? Continue reading “Home-improvement for seniors before moving in”

Healthcare options in NJ

We habitually tend to overlook and forget some of the most important things in life. It’s a natural occurrence, as the pace of modern times is somewhat merciless. Being financially stable, securing your job and providing for your family is more often than not all the way up there on the priority list. And, it’s only normal. Staying healthy, on the other hand, is something that slips our mind frequently. Having health insurance and taking care of ourselves should, without any excuse, be the number one priority on our list. Whether you have decided on moving to the U.S. or you’re just moving interstate, knowing your healthcare options in NJ could be a lifesaver!

Which is which

The U.S. is a country of many, many virtues. The healthcare system is not one of them. As a matter of fact, it’s quite puzzling for anyone coming from abroad and wanting to settle down. Finding your place and getting the needed care is an unnerving experience for most citizens, even natives. In order to explore your healthcare options in NJ, we first need to break down the facts about the entire country’s healthcare system.

A – Z

Maybe you’re moving your business to New Jersey. Maybe you fell in love, or you simply find it convenient as an NYC commuter.  Whatever the reason, getting acquainted with your options and figuring out beforehand “where you belong” on the healthcare spectrum is crucial. So, what are your options? Honestly, it depends on your income.

  • Government (federal, state and local) health care
  • Insurance through your employer
  • Out – of – pocket
checking for healthcare options in NJ
Check if you’re eligible for government-funded programs.

Healthcare options in NJ – Medicaid, and Medicare

The U.S. healthcare system is, what you could call, a hybrid. It’s funded both by the government in the public sector, but the majority is sustained through private insurance policies. Medicare and Medicaid reforms took place under Obama’s presidency, as to assure coverage to vulnerable groups. Alongside Medicaid and Medicare, there is CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Veterans Administration and other military care.


Medicare is a national health insurance program, developed solely for seniors over 65 and younger people with disabilities. It gets a bit complicated afterward, as there are four different parts of the program. A, B, C, and D. If you are eligible, you get your basic coverage (the part A) for free. A is for hospital insurance; if it’s an emergency, it will have you covered. Part B is for medical insurance -it provides routine physicals and annual check-ups with your chosen doctor. Part C (also called “Medicare Advantage”), offers additional benefits – eye care, hearing, dental coverage, while part D includes prescription drug coverage. Everything except part A is optional and goes out of your pocket (deductibles).


Medicaid is federally and state funded, and the program differs depending on the state itself. It focuses on people with low income, as well as people with disabilities. The major difference is a financial one; citizens on Medicaid program pay little to nothing for medical services. The state of New Jersey has expanded the coverage as the part of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), so people with incomes under 138% of the federal poverty level may qualify. If you’re not eligible, you should consider purchasing cheap coverage through the New Jersey health insurance marketplace.

Insurance through your employer

Relocating to NJ for a job opportunity?  There is a chance of enjoying health benefits. But, is it that simple? No, not entirely. Just in 2015, only 56 percent of smaller companies actually provided their employees with health coverage, whereas statistically, 98 percent of large-r companies provided their employees with health benefits. To make things simple, whether you’ll have health coverage or not depends solely on your wage. If you are a low-wage employee, the chances are you will be forced into paying out – of – pocket for any medical office visits and services. Take that into consideration when relocating your home.

doctor checking blood pressure
Not all employers offer health benefits.

Paying out – of – pocket for your health insurance

If you’re not eligible for a government-funded program and you can’t seem to find an employer willing to provide health benefits, what are your next viable healthcare options in NJ? Finding the right insurance company and getting your money’s worth.

Know your health plans

It’s all about finding the right balance. Are you in good health? How old are you? The cheapest option always sounds appealing, but does it really pay off? Plans with lower premiums have higher deductibles. Not just deductibles. Co-pays and coinsurance too. It does sound confusing (because it truly is!), but it really means you will be the one handling the majority of your medical costs down the line. If you are prone to certain illnesses or already have health problems, the best option for you would be to pay extra, get higher premiums and lower cost sharing. If you are younger and overall health, you would want to go for low premiums and high cost-sharing plans.

Silver is the new gold

Silver plans are the best value for money plans. It balances cost-sharing and premiums just about right. It’s also the only plan with additional cost-sharing reduction possibility (if you have a low income, for example.). Having this particular trait, Silver plans are known for actually outshining Gold and Platinum plans, as you get more for less. If you are of exceptional health, you can opt for Bronze or Catastrophic plans, as they have high cost-sharing benefits, but on the other hand, extremely cheap premiums.

silver coin
Silver plans are considered to be a great option for those in need of occasional medical services.


There are currently three insurers to choose from in New Jersey. (there were 5 in 2016)

  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
  • AmeriHealth of New Jersey
  • Oscar Health

Choose wisely

Yes, finding health care options in NJ and opting for one is a tedious task. Best case scenario, you’re a doctor moving your medical office to NJ. But, that’s just far-fetching. Eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress to a minimum (that’s a tricky one) – these are all great preventive measures and they should keep you in check. However, we can’t solely rely on our healthy daily routines. Take some time to consider all the options and choose the best one for you. And, remember, health first!

Guide for converting your attic into storage space

In a consumer society that we live in today, storage space is becoming indispensable. While you can hire self-storage units for your needs, there must be a more meaningful way to spend your money on. As a matter of a fact, if you are going to invest money into storage, you might as well invest in long-term gain. Storage units are a great option for people who need to store their items for a limited period of time. For us who need space to store our items for longer, we need to think about how we can find a solution that is going to solve our storage problem in the long run. Converting your attic into storage space will do just that. It will provide you with a place to put your items in without having to pay the rent. Let’s take a look at your storage options. Continue reading “Guide for converting your attic into storage space”


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