Storage insurance – do you need it?

Self-storage units are an option that a growing number of Americans uses. Either as a way to declutter their homes and workplaces or as an additional short-term or long-term storage area for items they don’t need. They may be out of sight, but, like all your property, you want to be sure that all things that you have in stock remain safe from theft, physical damage and the destructive effects of the environment. That’s where the storage insurance jumps in.

Homeowner or tenant insurance is a protection option, but not all policies are for property in an external vault. In many cases, it is necessary to purchase additional coverage. Or add it to your homeowner’s policy in order to extend insurance to property in storage facilities NJ. Also, the clauses that you come across usually range from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000. And there are about three years accrual periods that can make filing claims a lengthy and unpleasant process.

In addition, items in the vault are not covered in the same way as items in your home. Depending on the insurance company, items in the storage can only cover up to 10% of the amount of coverage in your homeowner’s policy. Therefore, if you have a lot of valuable things in the storage, it will simply not be enough to rely on your internal insurance to fully protect them.

For these and other reasons that we describe, it makes sense for you to protect your valuable items with a comprehensive storage insurance program.

Why do I need storage insurance?

According to the Self Storage Association, 10.8 million people in the US are renting a unit of self-preservation. This is equivalent to one out of every ten households. Objects in storage cover the whole range of goods. From household goods and personal belongings to automobiles, art objects, electronics, furniture, and antiques. So, in order to protect them, besides hiring antique movers, you also need to find insurance.

These are many varied and priced items that sit in lockers for storage and in containers, at sites owned by third-party storage companies that are not ready to be responsible for the safety of your goods. Or responsible for the damage caused by fires, burglaries, earthquakes, hurricanes or other serious events.

Signing insurance policy
Some backup option is necessary to protect against such failures. And storage insurance is something that easily meets all requirements.

Nowadays, most fraudulent self-storage facilities will have some form of internal insurance coverage. And they are trying to impose it on you, at the point of sale. These plans are very expensive and, as a rule, do not provide you with the necessary protection.

You can bypass this condition by getting a policy from a reputable third-party self-storage service provider. If you can provide the warehouse manager with documentary evidence that your goods in the warehouse will be insured against various types of damage, you will also overcome a serious obstacle to the acquisition of much-needed storage space. In fact, they allow you to get coverage on the spot using your mobile device.

Available Insurance Types

Self-preservation insurance usually covers your personal property, which is in storage. And for which you pay rent in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement.

A good policy will insure against the causes of losses, such as fire, lightning, vandalism, burglary and water damage. These are basic principles, but if you go deep into your provider’s policy conditions, you may find that coverage is also available for hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, hail, flowing water, smoke, and earthquakes. As a rule, self-storage insurance policies do not cover damage from catastrophic losses, such as flood, earthquake, or a storm. Only a few of them provide all of these covers.

Special conditions for vehicles

This seems rather strange, since many self-storage units may be equivalent to an overgrown closet or garage. But insurance coverage for vehicles is usually not part of the package. Tenants who want to store their cars, motorcycles or ATVs for self-storage usually have to purchase insurance coverage for each of these items separately.

Other special items

Certain classes of items may be eligible for insurance for self-storage. But it can only cover a certain percentage of their true value. Others may not have coverage at all. Depending on the insurance provider and the terms of its policy, such items typically include jewelry, furs, fine art collections, antiques, property documents, stamps, or other valuable documents.

Important differences

Man breaking in
If your property goes missing from storage, does it classifies as burglary or theft?

The answer depends on how these terms are defined in your insurance policy. And it may mean between whether you can claim these losses or not. Anti-theft coverage, as defined in this way, is usually not included in self-service insurance policies. Since they assume that you have to use due diligence to prevent theft of your property.

Storm storage insurance coverage

Since climate change increases the occurrence and severity of extreme weather events, classification systems intensify their activities to account for the year-round spread of tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons, and other phenomena. Names and numbers are usually there to distinguish one weather pattern or event from another. So it is pretty important to get the right storage insurance. After all, you don’t want to lose your valuables just because nature got mad.

How much will the storage insurance cost?

It all depends on your chosen insurance provider. The self-storage insurance premiums from storage firms are as vary in coverage and cost as the objects themselves. What may seem affordable at first may have hidden points that in the long run can cost you dearly. And, as we have seen, homeowners ’and tenants’ insurance policies are notorious for their low prices. Therefore, you must be very careful when choosing storage insurance, since it should be a good way of cutting costs on storage. Check all the details and take the one that suits you best.



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Passing the time while movers pack your home

There are many questions that you might want to ask when you are moving your home. This is pretty natural – the moving process is lengthy and difficult, especially for a newcomer into the game. However, asking questions is good. This way, you learn about moving as well as prepare for it. And preparation is the key to having a successful and stressful move! With it, you can anticipate your next steps while you are working on the current one. So, what is one of the most common questions we get? Well, they focus on packing and unpacking a lot. This part of the process takes the most time, and it can be the most confusing one. Who does the packing? How do you properly pack for a move? In this article, we answer one of these questions. Today, we talk about stuff you can do while movers pack your home. Continue reading “Passing the time while movers pack your home”

How to prepare your pet for moving

Pets are beings of routine. A happy pet has a regular eating schedule and naps whenever they want it. Moving house, however, disrupts their routine and can make them nervous and even aggressive. That’s why you need to do your best to prepare them for the moving process. Furthermore, you need to think about their documents, vet, etc. Don’t you worry – there are lots of details but we are here to help you. We prepared a simple guide on how to prepare your pet for moving, so it can be easy both for you and your pet.

If you need any help with moving your home, movers Hackensack NJ are there to help you. Be sure to contact them and help yourself with the overwhelming task of moving. Professional, reliable movers are experienced in residential moving and will transport your items quickly and safely.

Deal with the paperwork

Yes, you need to think about your pet’s documents. Nothing really changes if you are moving just down the street, however, if you are preparing for a long-distance move, there are some things you need to think about. The longer you travel, the more difficult it will be for your pet to endure the trip. So, if you are crossing the border with your pet, you need to get all the necessary documents ready. However, be sure to check the destination state/ country’s rules before leaving.

dog and a man
Make sure to prepare your pet for moving, to avoid stress and problems

Your pet is microchipped?

Well, it makes it a lot easier. You can easily get all the necessary information and also update the new address.

Prepare a ‘first-day kit’

You need to have all the things you will need on the first day and during the first night in your new home. This way you don’t need to open the moving boxes and search for something like food, toys, a sleeping pillow, etc. Have all those items on hand in case you need them. Also, don’t forget any medicines or vitamins your pet is taking. Make sure to have everything you need on your first and second day, to avoid searching through boxes and having a nervous pet.

Have a meeting with your ‘old’ vet

Before moving, make sure to make an appointment with your current vet.  They can give you medical records or prescriptions so you can take them to your new home. Maybe they can recommend a vet in your new city, or give you some general advice regarding the move.

cat on a bed
To prepare your pet for moving, ask your vet for advice

Let your pet adjust to the crate

If you haven’t used a crate before, make sure to bring it to the house days before the move. This way your pet will adjust to it, and will not be shocked when the moving day comes. Furthermore, maybe it is better to use a soft crate, which is very simple and easy to use, and it will be easier to prepare your pet for moving. Try ‘practicing’ staying at the crate for a couple of days, so the travel is not that dramatic and stressful.

Keep them away when the action begins

Pets, especially dogs, can become very nervous when something is going on around the house. Our professional residential movers NJ do their best to be fast and quite, however, sometimes it’s not enough. When the movers come, be sure to keep your pet away from the house. Ask your friends or family to keep them until all the moving boxes are out and all the work is done. If that’s not possible, try finding a quiet place in your home, like an empty bedroom or garage, for your pets to stay until everything is finished.

Prepare your pet for moving – set up the new home

If possible, prepare the new home for arrival. Since you need to mentally prepare for moving, your home and your pet need to be ready, too. This means to make it as similar to the old house as possible, so your pet can adjust more easily. Bring their sleeping pillow and toys, so your pet can feel like home from the first moment. However, if that doesn’t happen right away, don’t worry. Let your pet sniff around the house and meet the new place.

prepare your pet for moving
Make sure your new home is ready for you and your pet

Traveling with your pet

It is best to travel together with your pet. For your road trip, be sure to prepare everything you might need. Some basic necessities for your road trip with a pet include:

  • water
  • favorite pet food (if your pet likes some ‘snacks’ make sure to bring them, too)
  • first aid kit
  • litter box/bag
  • toys
  • a piece of your old clothing – keep that one with your dog in the carrier, so the smell can remind them of your old home.

Don’t let your pet away from the carrier too soon

If you open your car door and let your pet out in front of your new house, you may get into trouble. Some pets are very nervous when changing places, so they may run away. It is also very hard for them to find their way back since they don’t know the neighborhood. That’s why the best advice is not to let them away from the carrier until you are inside your new home. Let them meet the house first, and then take them out on a walk (if you have a dog) to meet the environment.

Extra tip: To prepare your pet for moving, be sure to explore the neighborhood and check its safety. Also, check if your house has any open holes or windows, so your pet doesn’t run away.

Are you moving?

To prepare your pet for moving, means you need to conduct your move as smooth as possible. Our experienced team can help you with that. They can make the moving process easier and help the transition to the new place. We are the company that cares about all aspects of our customers’ experience. That’s why we provide premium services at affordable prices. We can conduct any type of local and long-distance move. Furthermore, we are there to handle your specialty items, like pianos, chandeliers, fine art, computers, etc. Complete premium moving services have never been closer!

Best NJ cities to start a business

New Jersey recently announced a $50 million fund to help entrepreneurs get started. This is just one aspect that makes moving to New Jersey to start a business a good idea. The state has a vibrant small business, which is emphasized by the investment of the group, which includes The acceleration fund will be based in Newark, at the headquarters of Audible’s successful audiobook. But business success can also be found in smaller cities and towns, as we discovered when looking for the best NJ cities to start a business. Continue reading “Best NJ cities to start a business”

Eco-friendly storage guidelines

One of the most popular topics and problems of the 21st century is saving the environment. There are many controversial opinions on this problem, but – whatever you believe – we should all try to at least make a little effort towards the place where we live. This can manifest in many ways – from controlling how much water and power we spend to the waste we live behind. However, one of the things that have been popping out recently is creating eco-friendly storage for your things. Since storages are places where we leave our things and stop thinking about them until we need them again, many professional storage facilities NJ have started giving out guidelines on making yours be ecologically friendly. You might be lost or confused about how to do it – but worry not! Read this article to find out what you can do to help!

Why should you get an eco-friendly storage

First, let’s start with the questions of why you should even be thinking about going green with your storage unit. Well, there are a number of things you will gain from it:

  • First, going green will help you save money!
  • Having an environmentally acceptable storage unit will help in the fight against global warming.
  • We are losing resources – so we need to be smart about using them.
  • Finally, we need to think about the trash we are making.

All of these are real-world problems, and going green is a solution for many of them. However, as you can notice, you may only be cutting cost on storage by paying attention to the environment. Even though these improvements might be a bit more expensive in the beginning, their life is longer so they cost less in the long run. This is why a huge number of businesses is favoring the green model too! But how do you actually turn your storage green?

Start by packing green

The first thing you can do to get environmentally-friendly storage is to do eco-packing as well. How you pack is an important factor in how you will manage your storage space. If you do it smart, you will get the most out of your storage, and you will also be gaining a huge boost by going green as well. On the other hand, clumsy, unorganized packing will turn your storage into a mess. This, in turn, leads to you wasting both space and money – which no one wants.

A man carrying cardboard boxes.
Switch to cardboard.

So, how do you pack green? Well, first you want to pick a storage facility that will have good isolation. This will manage the temperature of the storage units. Then, your items will be less prone to breaking and ending in the garbage – which reduces the pollution. Take for example technology. Batteries lose life when you hold them in cold storage. Having control of the temperature will solve this problem with ease.

When it comes to the packing materials, go for cardboard instead of plastic. These boxes are biodegradable, so they help you get eco-friendly storage. However, pay attention that the cardboard is sturdy! You don’t want your boxes breaking under the pressure. The only exception to this rule would be when you need to use plastic ties. Try to go for these instead of tape, because wasting plastic tape also endangers the environment. Put importance on recycling and reusing the packing supplies – even the things you tie the boxes with!

Green lighting will help a lot!

When it comes to working on the actual storage unit, the first thing you can invest in is the lighting. Think about this. One 75-watt bulb will add $11 to your electrical bill if it is on 24/7. Now, think about just how many bulbs you will need to use in a storage facility. This is a huge amount of power that you can easily turn green – and in multiple ways as well!

LED light bulb.
Get green lighting to save money!

First, you can get either CFL or LED lights. These can lower how much energy you are using by whopping 90 percent! CFLs are a bit weaker, at 75 percent, but they also cost less than the regular bulbs. The second thing you can get is photocells. These will detect how much light there is in the area, and then control the bulbs depending on that. This way, your eco-friendly storage will always be lit, but you won’t be using the lighting all the time. Finally, you can get motion sensors. These will turn the lights on when a person uses the storage, whether they are putting things in or trying to keep the storage clean and turn the lights off when there is no need for them.

Think about where you get energy from

Another great way to get green storage is by switching the way in which you get your power. One of the most popular ways (which a lot of moving companies NJ are switching too as well) is by using solar power. Storage facilities are usually huge – and so their roofs are a perfect place for solar panels. This way, storage facilities can not only get off the grid – but put some energy back into it as well!

Solar panels which can help you get eco-friendly storage.
Solar panels will help turn your energy green.

You might wonder if creating eco-friendly storage this way is even worth it. Well, the Department of Energy states that the cost of installing solar panels has been dropping down recently. This is also the best or all the renewable energy sources – since there is the most of it. Just to illustrate this, there are over 173,000 terawatts of solar energy hitting the planet every moment. This is 10,000 as much energy as you would need to power the whole planet.

Moving medical records – tips and tricks

Every person handles things differently. When we talk about moving, one of the biggest issues is how to manage all the tasks and get done with everything in time. It doesn’t matter if you are just moving down the street, or somewhere further, it is still stressful. When you look at it, it quite understandable why it is so easy to go the wrong way and lose the focus. And that is precisely what you can’t do. It has to be done systematically. That will give you a good chance to finish all of your tasks successfully. One of the most difficult tasks is definitely packing everything that is important and necessary. And moving medical records is certainly one of those things you should not leave the house without. Continue reading “Moving medical records – tips and tricks”

Tips for packing your kitchen with ease

Of all the rooms that need to be packed before you hire movers Glen Rock NJ, the kitchen is the most difficult. In addition to a variety of things that need to be packed, many items have odd shape or fragile. Plus there is a huge amount of chances that even the most organized packers can fail. Going to the kitchen without a plan can be a serious mistake. But with some forethought and ingenuity, you can simplify the process of packing the kitchen and do it like a professional. Here are some tips on packing your kitchen without losing your sanity. Continue reading “Tips for packing your kitchen with ease”

How to lower commercial moving expenses

Let’s be honest, moving an office can be pretty hard, and it can get pretty expensive. The whole process is very involved – you will need resources from every part of your office. People will need to clean up their desks, you will need a team of workers to coordinate the move, then there are professional movers to find and finally a lot of packing and moving. In order to alleviate some of the pressure, and focus on other things, a lot of people decide to hire movers to help with at least one of these chores. However, based on how big your company is, this can get pretty expensive. In this article, find out how to lower commercial moving expenses for your company when working with reliable movers. Continue reading “How to lower commercial moving expenses”

The best places in New Jersey to retire to

Retiring should be the time when all the hard work that you have put in throughout your life pays off. This is the time when you will have no daily obligations to hold you from doing the things that you love to do. Furthermore, seniors often feel rejuvenated when they realize that they are now able to fulfill the dreams of the youth. With no obstacles in sight, they embrace their lives and take advantage of the freedom they have not had throughout their employment. Still, in order to fully enjoy the time on their hands, our fellow senior citizens need to be able to provide for a life like that one. If you are living or looking forward to moving to New Jersey, you need to know what are the best places in New Jersey to retire to. So, here they are. Continue reading “The best places in New Jersey to retire to”

Moving during the holidays – yes or no?

When it’s time to move your household, making it as carefree and enjoyable as possible is probably the first priority, regardless of whether you are moving long distances across the country or planning to move to another house across the street. One of the most important factors influencing how smoothly and properly your move goes is the time of your move, which includes the time of year when you plan to move. At Moving of America, we help clients navigate through all four seasons of the year, including moving during the holidays.

Despite the fact that when planning the move at the end of the year there are some drawbacks, there are also pluses. Follow us talking about the pros and cons of moving during the holidays. And how military moving companies NJ can help you make a smooth and smooth move at any time of year.

Advantages of moving during the holidays

While moving during the holidays may seem like the opposite of moving easily, for many this is truly the best time of year to move. With a little planning and following a few tips to make your move easy, moving on holidays offers many great benefits that you simply cannot find in other seasons.

Moving during the holidays
Here are some of the benefits of moving during the holidays

Less competition

The same problems that cause disruption to holiday moving usually do not attract people to buy houses at this time. While there may be fewer available homes, there are also fewer home buyers. And this should be equal to less competition for any home that meets your needs.

Lower prices

Housing prices grew rapidly, partly due to a general shortage of houses. However, in December, historically, housing prices are lower than on any other month, in part for the reasons listed above. There are no guarantees that every year will continue the trend, but it is worth checking the prices in your local market.

Best interest rates

Interest ratesa are still close to historic lows. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is less than 4% for most of the months. But, interest rates are slowly falling as you enter the holiday season. Online calculators are available to show you how much you can save over the life of a mortgage with even a small decrease in interest rates. You may be surprised at the savings.

Related seasonal sales

Do you need new furniture or other items for your new home? A lot of seasonal sales will be available to help you apply an individual approach. But be careful not to put yourself in irrevocable debt.

Friends and family

Moving at the end of the year can be especially convenient regarding families and friends. On holidays, more people are on vacation and are ready to help if you need it. For long-distance moves NJ, it may be easier to find friends and family in order to stay with them on holidays, if your move involves one or two nights.

Quality family time
That can also be a perfect way to spend some time with your family members

Being a guest

Let’s face it. The execution of a moving project of any size when holding a holiday celebration sounds overwhelming. If you are planning a holiday move, let someone else take over and organize. So you can focus your extra time on completing the move before the beginning of the new year.

No mid-year blues

Moving means new changes for you. It also means that if you have children, they will also experience some changes. Doing this step in the middle of the year means that you get extra help from children. And you relax, knowing that their new teacher will give them extra attention, so school work will not suffer.

Flexibility and smooth planning

The most popular season to move is summer. From the May weekend on Memorial Day to the September Labor Day. However, in the winter and on holidays professional relocation and packing services NJ are usually less in demand, which can mean greater savings and flexibility from moving companies.

Consider the cons of moving during the holidays

If for some reason red flags flashed in your head, let us remind you of some problems that you should think about in advance. So you can plan accordingly. Being prepared allows you to accept potential problems and confront them before they even have a chance.

Moving with holiday stress

Despite the fact that this is the “most wonderful time of the year”, the holiday season can be a difficult time for many. If holidays tend to be stressful for you, adding relocation can be too difficult. On the other hand, a moving project may be exactly what you need to distract yourself from the festive blues.

Fireplace on holidays
And start the new year with a new home

Weather factor

No matter where you are in the US, winter offers the coldest and often the cruelest weather of the year. The trick is planning contingencies, preparing for the worst scenarios, such as blizzards and storms. And rely on reliable professional full-service movers NJ to help you plan a successful winter move in any conditions.

Moving of America services for your holiday relocation

We have provided excellent solutions for moving our customers to new homes and commercial sites around the world. Regardless of whether you need local, national or even international relocation services, you can rely on high-quality relocation solutions at competitive prices at any time of the year, guaranteed.

Ready to start working with the best local movers in your area? Call us to speak with one of our agents about our professional relocation services. Or fill out our online form to arrange a free quote with one of our experienced relocation coordinators.


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